Onion-Ringswhite-ricerice-with-vegetablescouscous-with-vegetablesYellow riceVine Leaves With RiceFresh Vegan Salad with FetaFresh Cabbage SaladVegetable SaladGreen SaladSalad KohlrabiPearl couscousRice With NutsCrispy Potato
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Yellow rice
Vine Leaves With Rice
Fresh Vegan Salad with Feta
Fresh Cabbage Salad
Vegetable Salad
Green Salad
Salad Kohlrabi
Pearl couscous
Rice With Nuts
Crispy Potato

Fish balls, side dish and a soup

19.98$ CAD

The package per person includes:
Homemade Fish balls: 220-230 gr (7.7 – 8 oz)
Side dish: 100-110 gr (3.5 -3.8 oz)
Soup: 450 ml

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1. Primary Dish

Fish balls

2. Select a Side Dish

Light Cabbage Salad, Couscous, Pearl couscous, Pasta, Crispy Potato, Mashed Potatoes, Green Salad, Rice With Vegetables, Vine Leaves With Rice, Rice With Nuts, Salad Kohlrabi, Onion Rings, Vegetable Salad, Fresh Cabbage Salad, Fresh Vegan Salad with Feta, Yellow Rice, White Rice

3. Pick out a Soup

Chicken noodle, Soup of the Season


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